Finnish partying !

I didn’t go to a lot of clubs but I did go to a really nice one in Helsinki. The name is Kaivohuone. I couldn’t find many websites from the club because most of them are in Finnish, but their Facebook page is pretty good.

Kaivohuone is a really cool club and a great choice for the summer. It is packed with beautiful young people, good music, and the building is big. I went there with my cousin two times in a week haha and it was really fun.
They drink a lot of cider in Finland, and not the American kind, that are usually non alcoholic or pretty damn weak.
Their cider tastes delicious. You can apple or pear (maybe some other flavors, but those are the ones I had) cider and it’s good because it isn’t super strong so you can drink it and get a buzz after a few.
They drink a lot, I think hahaha. Vodka, also. Great Vodka. Duuh!
I also went to one of my cousin’s friend’s house and we played some card games, had some beer, etc. Young people in Finland are fun but they might be a little more reserved, very different from us, Brazilians. And i think that that was a great thing.

This is the club, Kaivohuone:


Best part was: we walked there. Haha, you cannot walk to a club in the middle of the night in brazil. Not if you don’t own a gun or a bodyguard. lol



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