Well, the days that followed we were just typical tourists. We shopped at the 5th Ave. Went to the Empire State BuildingRockefeller Center etc.

The Empire State Building is, indeed, pretty cool. You can get one of those audio tour thingy while you walk around the building…I got one and even though I don’t normally, I ended up enjoying the stories and comments–that are narrated by this guy with a strong italian accent.
You pay $23 bucks to go up, and once you’re at the top, you have an amazing view of New York…everything is tiny but so beautiful. The yellow cabs, the people running to get to work, the tourists, the families having picnics at the parks…

And the Rockefeller Center is just as nice. You can also go to the top and you’ll have a view that is just as pretty. You pay $25 to go up to the top, but the cool thing is that besides the cool view of NYC, like you can get at the Empire State, at the Rockefeller you can get the view+see the Empire State and this really nice view of the Central Park. And there is no high ”fences” like the ones in the ESB. Instead, the ”walls” are made of glass and you can see everything. A bit scary, too. haha.

Rockerfeller Center USA Flags

I don’t mind doing all the touristic stuff, some of them end up being really fun. I did not go to the Statue of Liberty though, I’m not quite sure why, I just didn’t feel like it. But I saw it. That’s good enough for me. Haha. Next visit, maybe.

And,  a video to end this second post.

Worth listening to, Frank Sinatra ;)

Anyways, more of the Big Apple laterrrr.


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