New York, New York!

So the winner was…..New York!

And I’m secretly happy about it because NY was amazing. I mean, duuuh, it IS New York, what else would you expect?

I went to NYC because my mom was going to present a paper at this…well, thing for her job. Anyways. I went with her and her other speech therapist friend. :)

This was JUNE 2011

Going to New York with my mom was actually a big dream of ours. We are very close and we enjoy traveling together, but NY was the one place I dreamed of going and a place she already knew and loved. When the opportunity came for her to go present this paper, she thought it’d be an amazing idea to take me, with her.

It was.

We also went to Pennsylvania afterwards, but that’s another story :)

When we got to the Big Apple, I was in awe. I thought everything was so beautiful, and so much more awesome than in the movies. haha.
We stayed at this really pleasant and comfortable hotel  on the corner  the 45th and Madison: The Roosevelt Hotel.

We have a cousin in NY, he’s Brazilian, but has been leaving there for over 15 years now. My mom had stayed over his house a couple times in the city before, but I didn’t even know the guy till this trip.
So the first thing we did was (after chilling at the hotel, long trip. jet lag…) go out for some chicken wings and beers at a local bar our cousin Claudinho knew.
It was basically a college people kinda bar and legally I’m not even supposed to drink there, but he knew the waitress so, ya know! haha

Our first night was a success, we talked, got to catch up, laughed, ate great food..then me and my mom went back to the hotel.

I was on the internet looking up fun new things to do in NY and I saw ”Lady Gaga on Good Morning America @Central Park”. I actually do like her. I like her voice, my mom likes her voice. It’s not a matter of taste, here, so just shh :)

It was really early in the morning though, so we had to get some rest. I texted a whole bunch of people to try to get tickets, no luck. We woke up early and went anyways. Besides, it was summer, hot, beautiful out and we wanted to enjoy every second of our days.

My first time at the Central Park was very good. I could picture myself sitting under a tree, reading a book etc. It’s such a nice place.
I am NOT a morning person at ALL but I was happy (how could I not?)

So we started to see the crowd and figured it was probably because of the Good Morning America thing with GAGA.
We followed the crowd and yeap, that was it. People who didn’t have a ticket could watch from another side of the stage, a big screen kinda thing….It was great though.

Then after the concert we went to get some breakfast. Having lived in the US for a couple of years, I am a big fan of egg muffins, bacon, coffee and toast. And that was exactly was we got.

OKAY. I AM SORRY but I gotta continue this tomorrow. I had the longest day, I’m falling asleep on the keyboard and that’s not fair with any of you :) haha

(If anyone even reads this, anyways)

SO, more about the magical NEW YORK,