And negative part is…

I was so excited last time I wrote about Brazil, I only wrote the good things about it.
I mean, I love it here, I really do. But maybe it is important to talk about the negative part of Brazil.

This weekend I hosted 2 guys from Chile, on Couch Surfing. It was really great, we had fun, talked a lot, became really good friends…. they have been traveling for about a month and a half and they passed through several cities in Brazil.

Two nights ago, when they were on the computer, Nicolas noticed some strange activity going on with his credit card account. He thought it could be an error on the back’s website but last night he saw that there were a few more transactions that he hadn’t performed. We then realized that his credit card had been cloned. The son of a b***h who cloned it managed to spend a total of 1200 dollars. Then Carlos, the other Chilean guy, decided to check his account and yup yup, his credit card had been cloned as well.

It was such a big hassle to fix it all, they had to cancel their cards, call home, ask for money. After Curitiba, they were planning on going to Florianópolis, but unfortunately, they had to cancel their trip :(.

They talked and realized that the fraud happened while they were in Angra dos Reis – RJ.
It is so frustrating to see something like that happen. Can you image what a big chaos it’ll be during the World Cup we’re going to host???
Brazil IS an amazing place, beautiful beaches and all. But it saddens me to see how many bad people are walking around, free, people who do not give a damn about other people, people who help take this country DOWN.

I am not trying to say that you should not come to Brazil. You should. But be aware, be careful, be 100% alert at ALL times. Don’t go to just any ATM, don’t walk around with too much money. Have a COPY of your documents. Choose having a local take you around if possible. Brazil is great, but it’s still…Brazil.

And NOPE, this is NOT ALL.
Remember my German couch surfer, Lena?

Well, she went through some even WORSE things.
She went from my city to Ilha do Mel. (Really nice Island, I might post about it later, on a more happy post……) Then after Ilha do Mel, she was going to Asunción, Paraguay. She had to come back to Curitiba to take the bus to Paraguay, from here.
I received a messaged from her a couple nights ago, telling me what happened to her.

So, she was in the bus and a guy stands up, takes a MACHINE GUN and tells everyone that he is from the Police. Which, he obviously was not.
I’m going to sum this up because I do not know all the details.
Another guy wearing a mask gets in the bus. They hit the bus driver, and drove to the middle of no where.
Suddenly, both guys are telling everyone to cooperate because all they wanted was their money and bla bla, made everyone give all they had in their purses and bags. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they tell everyone to strip, leaving them in their underwear. RIDICULOUS. Then the two robbers, make people get out of the bus and get inside of the place the luggage were, ‘under’ the bus. Everyone was crying and nervous about it all….
The two guys took them all back to the bus station, and threatened them, so they had to act natural and take another bus to Paraguay.

It gets worse. She had most of her things stolen….then had to take another bus. Then this new bus had an accident. There was a truck transporting wood and a big block wood fell from the truck, hitting the BUS, and breaking the glass, that went inside the new bus driver’s eye. Seriously.

So she had to take a THIRD bus. But I think you got what I am trying to say.

It’s such a shame. I actually feel embarrassed about all this, for my country. It’s sad.

So this is basically a apology. I am so sorry if you have been here and had any kind of trouble. One day we will be a good country, I am sure…. (not SURE, I’m just trying to be positive…)

But for now, this is our reality and I am SO SO SO SO SORRY!!!!!!

Don’t give up on us.