Making drinks is an art!


In August 2011 I decided to go to Paris by myself. I had gotten some money from my grandma and all I could possibly want to spend it with was traveling.

I will talk more about this travel later on, about Couchsurfing etc.

I went to this bar with a couple of friends, close to where I was staying at. We walked up a big hill after we had already spent all day walking around…I was almost tired when my friend pointed to a black door and said ”This is it!”. At first, I’ll admit, I didn’t think it would be anything really special…but it’s just one of those places….kind of like, I don’t know, Narnia???

This one guy, Houcine, he’s behind the counter, and at first you think he’s making just a normal cocktail, but if you look carefully you’ll see so many different ”ingredients” like liquid nitrogen, tiny bowls filled with candy and chocolate, basil leaves….for a drink?


I decided to get a Mojito. But it was a basil mango mojito.

I think that the fact that Houcine puts so much effort into this one cup of mojito (or any other amazing drink), is what makes it special. And honestly, absolutely delicious. The bar is called La Famille and it has a calm, fun environment; A great place to go with friends, spend a few hours trying all kinds of cocktails Houcine majestically creates.

The best part is that he is just the nicest guy, he goes up to your table and asks if everything is good ( modesty, huh!), suggests you try this drink, or that one…and he is always smiling.

On the way out, there were two things that called my attention:

1. Houcine offers a tiny little shot of  some sort of icee drink with that candy that explodes in your mouth, and it’s so much fun. (By then, everyone was drunk and it was more fun than it would normally be, I’m guessing…)

2. The small arcade Pac-Man machine. They say you’re supposed to drink at least 3 cocktails before playing it. You have three shots… I’m not sure what you get if you win because i obviously did not. haha

It was a great experience. Besides, you get to hear all that french and I don’t know about you, but it just makes me so happy…. it’s so…sexy. Haha

This is the address and phone, in case you are planning on going to Paris soon. It’s a MUST do.


41 Rue Des Trois Frères

Paris, Ile-de-France

(14) 252-1112