The big N Y C {last part}

I really hate when I say stuff like ”I will finish this post tomorrow” and then BOOM, two weeks later and guess what? Still no post. It’s not really that I am lazy….but it’s mostly that. And I do do a lot of things…but mostly, just lazy. I apologize for that. New York, finale. Haha. This last post will be short and I am going to speak mostly (wow, do I overuse this word or what?) about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Yellow Cabs and the Yellow Cabs drivers, the people and the 5th avenue and some people I met while in New York. And OF COURSE, my favorite place ever. (suspense music) So if none of those things interest you, go to the search box or the tags and look up some other post! Or email me suggesting something! :) No prob! Here it goes: First. Yellow cabs and drivers. Why would I choose to talk about the cabs? Because since I was a kid, I wanted to ride in one. Simple as that. You know how it goes: you are in a hurry, you need a cab, you whistle. THERE. Just like that, 23424524 taxis show up right in front of you. And it’s awesome. It might not seem or sound like such a big deal, but you gotta admit, it is very impressive. Besides, when I write about my Greece trip, and compare NYC to Mykonos, you’ll understand me. Anyways. The drivers. Not a single American cab driver, at least I didn’t get to see any. They’re all foreigners with a really strong accent and sometimes they’re not all that happy. Scratch that, they might be happy but they’re quite moody. And I do not say that as a bad thing. I am moody myself. I tend to get along and have fun with those kind of people, because the end up making clever little remarks and comments. So, all I had to say about the Yellow Cab Co. was that. That’s all. Ride one. Be happy. Second. 5th Ave. Why not? It’s amazing. If you like shopping OR just walk around to see the city, watch people, window shop…I like the first option, of course. Haha. Little known fact about moi: I do not like to match my socks. I actually cannot stand to do so. Why am i telling you this? WELL, because there is this ADORABLE store at the 5th ave. called LittleMissMatched. The name says it all, right? But yeah. Things like that is what makes me happy. Look at it this way: there are all sorts of weird people in the World and NYC knows a LOT of them. :) Haha. These are mine :) yay!

Anyways. There are tons of amazing stores, and for everyone, not only for those who had 234525 dollars to spend. I didn’t. But there are cool places, nice little shops, fun people…

The MET.   If you like museus, this is obviously and definitely a must-go. I was so amazed by it all, the place, the expositions, everything. Very clean, organized, complete. I went sort of crazy. I love the part with all the statues, and those old rooms (ya know!?) haha. So, I will just post some pics of it, but my advice is GO. GO GO GO. If you have the chance. If not, I’ll leave a sneak peak :)

Here are their hours and prices:


Tuesday–Thursday: 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.* Friday and Saturday: 9:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.* Sunday: 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.*Closed Monday (except Met Holiday Mondays), Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1


Fee includes same-day admission to the Main Building and The Cloisters museum and gardens. There is no extra charge for entrance to special exhibitions.

Adults $25
Seniors (65 and older) $17
Students $12*
Members (Join Now) Free
Children under 12 (accompanied by an adult) Free
See, for lazy people like me, I took the time to COPY and PASTE it. haha.
It is very worth the visit.
(The pictures will be in the end of my post with all the other or else I can’t format this post right, ugh!)
Quick little story TIME!
My mom went for a walk by herself and I decided to do the same. I was carrying a doggy bag with a slice of pizza I couldn’t finish and I was going to give it to some homeless person. I then saw this cute jewelry  store and went inside. I bought a couple things and on my way out, this guy who looked like Johnny Depp asked for my number. We then proceeded to text all day long and we’re friends till this day :) which I find very exciting because he is from Nepal and has a lot of cool things to share with me :)
Other group of people I met was in front of the Rockefeller Center. They were a group of adorable boys (well, I am human…) playing the guitar and singing. I fell in love for a few moments, and took all my BrazilianNESS and sat next to them to take a picture. haha. Oh, me.
And, the best part. My two favorite spots in the city. First, Strand bookstore. It’s an old bookstore on Broadway street. Their slogan is ”18 MILES OF BOOKS” and being the bookworm that I am, I was very anxious to go check it out. I first saw the name STRAND when I was walking around Central Park, where they have a small kiosk with amazing classic books for a very good price. Then I asked the guy who was selling the books where the actual store was. I immediately went to the place. Very excited and craving new books. The place is quite old, but AGAIN, I mean this in the best of ways since I enjoy ”old stuff”. It’s a nice place, very comfortable and full of BOOKS. The smell of books mesmerized me. You know, that smell? But yeah. Then I looked around. My mom said I looked like a kid at a toy store. I felt like I was, too. They have all books you can possible imagine! It was like…some sort of heaven. At least for me.
Strand Books
Then I got a basket and….went crazy. I think I got 15+ books. All kinds of books, too: poems, mafia boos, romances, thrillers…And as if that wasn’t enough, I also got this tote bag, my favorite bag btw, and a few other souveniers. Then, to my surprise, they told me they SHIPPED TO BRAZIL!!!! YAAAAY! Amazing. I then chose a few books to bring with me and shipped a few others. One month later, I got them all and it was a magnificent moment, I must say.
Tote Bag: Hooty the Owl

I sooo wish we had Strand in Brasil :( Oh well. A girl can dream.


The Blue Note Jazz ClubI really enjoy listening to Jazz, so when my Uncle suggested we went there, I quickly called to make a table reservation. I was with my mommmmy and her friend :)
The club is very Jazz-y. Kind of dark, a bit chilly, but you feel great when you’re inside it. The atmosphere is very pleasant. They also have a good menu with a lot of options to choose from. I got chicken wings because, well, I love chicken? And something to drink but I can’t remember what…I am not 21 but I think I ordered something with alcohol, not quite sure haha.
Our table was for 4 people so the waiter asked if a lady could sit with us. She was considerably older than my mom and her friend, and she seemed to be a jazz lover, and more than that, she liked the woman who was playing that night. So it was very enjoyable talking to her. She told us how she used to go there with her husband, who had recently passed away, and it was heart breaking–although awesome, at the same time. We spent all night chatting and laughing, enjoying the amazing music, piano, sax, everything. It was a perfect evening and for those who love jazz, if you haven’t yet heard of the place, go to the website, youtube it, etc. I intend on going back there as soon as possible.

So, to end this post about one of the most amazing cities in the World, some videos and photos :)

I miss you, NY :)


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